12 Days of Hosting: Get Guest Room Ready

12 Days of Hosting: Get Guest Room Ready

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The holidays are a time of family, friends and…a full house. Sometimes it sneaks up on us sooner than expected and we’re caught in the mad dash to prepare the guest room. To kick off our 12 Days of Hosting Journal Series, we’re starting with a quick-and-easy linen-lined checklist to get you guest room ready.

Freshen up your Separates

Prepare your bed for all the extra attention it’s going to get this season with a fresh set of sheets. This can either be a full Sheet Set to make it a one-stop refresh, or just replace the Separates that see the most friction and use: The Pillowcases and The Fitted Sheet. And linen’s temperature-regulating qualities make it a perfect option for the varied sleep styles of your guests.

Make space

Don’t forget to empty out a drawer and pop some spare hangers in the room where your guest is snoozing. Even if your pals are staying the night, it’s a nice gesture to make your guests feel like you’ve made some extra room. 

Top off your towels

We love waffle linen. No, really. It’s absorbent, gently exfoliating, quick-drying and effortlessly elegant. It’s that hotel luxury brought home. Ahead of the holidays, make sure to have a few extra Hand Towels in the bathrooms, and if you’d really like to spoil your guests, Face Towels and Bath Sheets in the guest bathroom.


Customize it

Amp up the seasonal atmosphere by selecting or creating a unique holiday diffuser blend. This is a great time of year to experiment with warmer essential oils, like cinnamon and cedarwood, clove and orange, or explore something more festive like peppermint and cypress.

Slip into comfort

Become the host who has thought of the absolute most and keep a couple guest robes on hand. The Robe is comfortable, luxuriously sized and comes in two lengths — our classic at-knee length and a longer length.


Write it down

We all remember shouting across the house: “No, it’s capital DTH in DeckTheHalls and one 2, not a 1 and a 2!” Or running back and forth to the router every time someone asked for the code. This year, print out your wifi name and password, and pop it on the guest room nightstand. Headache alleviated. 

Layer up

Some people sleep hot, some kick off the sheets. Take the guess work out of guest work with The Heirloom Quilt—our topper designed to keep folded at the end of the bed. That way your guests can snuggle up or layer down throughout the night as needed.


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