They've Got Your Back: All About Euro Shams

They've Got Your Back: All About Euro Shams

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When you think of the term “sham” your first thought might be that of trickery, right? While euro shams are a very real thing, they do work as a type of disguise to conceal the pillows within. These shams are removable, easy to clean and are a great way to switch up the look of your bed.  

What is a euro sham? 

A euro sham is an envelope of fabric that covers up a euro pillow. What’s a euro pillow then, you ask? It’s a square pillow placed in front or behind your sleeping pillows, usually used for decorative purposes. Unlike with throw pillows, euro shams can easily be removed and replaced with a conventional pillowcase if necessary. Traditionally, euro shams are 26” by 26” and, unlike standard pillows with an obvious side opening, euro shams have either a hidden opening on the back or an envelope design to ensure a clean look.

Where do euro shams come from? 

The earliest known euro shams date back to the 1700s where pillowcases with decorative fronts came into fashion and, therefore, carried the label of “shams.” Since then, euro shams have evolved into a way for people to add personality and decoration to their bedding. 

What’s the point of euro shams? 

While they are great ways to accessorize your bed, euro shams also serve a purpose. They can cover your standard pillows, saving them from stains, dust, or dirt. These pillows are also a great way to add back support when you’re watching TV or reading. 

Match your euro shams to your duvet cover for a uniform look or get creative and add a pop of colour. Mixing and matching patterns and textures are also a great way to let your personality shine through!

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