Laura Melling: Building a Bedroom

Laura Melling: Building a Bedroom

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It’s all about the destination, not the journey. When it comes to crafting the perfect bedroom, there’s no 'right' way to go about it. Following your instincts is a good place to start, though it definitely helps to have some design inspiration to get you started. 

Laura Melling is an interior designer, stylist and long-time Wilet friend who’s the creative design force behind many of our stunning seasonal photoshoot sets. She gave us the low-down of where everything in this set from our Spring 2020 photoshoot is from, created or crafted by. Read on for some serious design inspo and to discover a bunch of new talented designers, makers and brands. 

Other Pieces 
Ladder - Ikea
Pebble Robe - Wilet
Slide Shoes - Everlane
Side Tables & Headboard - Designed by Laura Melling. Fabricated by Origins.
Light - Menu via espace d.
Basket - Studio Block
Room Spray - Vitruvi
Kitchen Vase - Muuto via Vancouver Special
Kitchen Candle - Boy Smells
Interested in seeing more from Laura and her space? Check out her Corners of our Homes Journal post and head over to her Instagram. 

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