The Corners of our Homes Vol. 20 - Lane Edwards of Pura Botanicals

The Corners of our Homes Vol. 20 - Lane Edwards of Pura Botanicals

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Lane Edwards, founder and director of Pura Botanicals, says she's always felt her best in nature. She's channeled that connection into a plant-based, eco-friendly line of beauty products we fell for at her latest pop up in the Wilet Vancouver Showroom. So, when we got a chance to take a peek around her comfortably curated space, we knew we were in for an equally refreshing dose of that clean serene she's so aptly mastered.

"We've lived in our home for 10 years. It has an abundance of windows, which brings in so much natural light and airiness. I love the mature trees that we look out at and our community."

"This is our little front entrance next to our home office. It's a very busy area with three kids, so the built-in bench and large floor-to-ceiling closets really help with overflowing shoes, backpacks and jackets. A tidy homes keeps my mind clear and my nervous system happy, but it's not always the case. The botanical wallpaper is from McGee & Co. and I love my Wilet Market Bag. I use it all the time."
"I love the colour and texture of my Market Bag. It's so chic, soft and dreamy. I'm always amazed by how much I can fit inside."
"We redid our kitchen during the pandemic. It's not huge which makes it easier to clean up. It's cozy and we have just enough storage and counter space. It's always bustling, and I love to add in plants and pretty dishes."
"We love our built-in dining bench along the wall. It holds everything. Platters, our crock-pot and all sorts of kitchen gadgets and accessories. We have endless family dinners at this table and we love to entertain. I don't mind a smaller home for entertaining. It feels more intimate and cozy."
"Wilet Wash Cloths are the best. Pura's skincare is so nourishing and reparative. They go so well together. My bathroom is my wellness sanctuary. I bathe a lot in the colder months, and love slathering on the Radiant Face Drops nightly. They're potent in antioxidants and ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients."
"I love getting home and putting on my Robe. There's nothing more comfortable. I crave my night ritual when I can take off the day and layer on my favourite potions like the Overnight Watermelon Mask, Ambrosia Beautifying Serum and Hyaluronic Ruby Serum. I love a woman's face and skin when it looks nourished and well-hydrated. No makeup. Just raw beautiful skin. That's when I feel my best and most well. Glazed like an apple fritter."
"I lost my mom in 2013 from her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Some the most precious belongings in our home were hers. She was ahead of her time. She bought those gorgeous white vases in Seattle on her honeymoon in 1973. I'm so humbled by her eye and taste. I treasure her favourite things, as they've become mine too, and they mean something to my children. My husband got the Sonos record player for my 40th. I love putting on records on the weekend when we make brunch, drink coffee and have a slow day at home, puttering around and just enjoying our home and each other."
"Our bathroom is always overflowing with Pura products. Our two girls Morgan and Emery (almost 13 and 8-years-old) have their own skincare rituals. It's so cute, and I think it's important that they value it as self-care. It's your time to pause, check-in with yourself, and take a deep breath. Enjoy the aromas, luxurious textures and instant benefits. I love Wilet's bath linen (so soft and chic) and plants in our bathroom. Ones that thrive in the humidity. They just give such life and clean the air. During the pandemic and lock-down they made me so happy. Green therapy."
"Our bedroom is small but really well designed with built-in closets and plenty of warm, soft bedding. We have a king bed as one of our children is always crawling in with us. I always have books, Cocoa & Rose Body Oil, fresh water and good lighting on my bedside table. It's like my little island of bedtime happiness, but my drawer is full of receipts and random anything and everything. A random sock. It's like the land of misfits."
Check out more of Lane's space on Instagram and learn more about Pura Botanicals. Would you like The Corners of your Home to be featured in our Journal?  Please reach outwe’d love to hear from you!

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