Team Linen or Linen Cotton? Everyone At Wilet Weighs In

Team Linen or Linen Cotton? Everyone At Wilet Weighs In

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We’re linen lovers, through and through. And some of us really don’t like change. But we did the hard work of sleeping…on the new Linen Cotton Bedding collection and gave our honest thoughts on whether we would convert. You might be surprised by the results.


Couple in Wilet Linen Cotton Bedding


When anyone joins the Wilet team, they get to take home a set of bedding to start living that linen life. Unsurprisingly, everyone is a linen convert after that. As the first Linen Cotton bedding pieces came off the manufacturing line, we asked our team to try it and tell us how it compared to our 100% linen bedding for them. Here’s what they said about sleeping on Linen Cotton bedding. 


“Sleeping in Wilet linen bedding immediately changed my sleep, and interestingly, my skin. I’m a hot sleeper, so 100% linen has been essential for temperature regulation and getting a better night’s sleep. Switching to Linen Cotton, I liked the smooth and heavier feel of the fabric, and I noticed less lint shedding in the drying process. I did find myself feeling warmer in Linen Cotton, so I would probably stick with mostly 100% linen still, but the Linen Cotton Fitted Sheet is a great price point for buying a few to rotate between.” ~Zanib


Wilet Linen Cotton Bedding


“I really like the feeling of Linen Cotton - crisp yet smooth. It also felt a bit thicker and robust, so I could see myself enjoying it more in the cooler months. I’m still a 100% linen girl though, for the year-round breathability of it.” ~Kendall


“As a very hot sleeper, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel as hot as I thought I would. Linen Cotton also has a softness to it that feels really nice to sleep in. A bonus is there is less lint than linen, and I think people will like that. Aesthetically, I just slightly prefer the “lived-in” look of linen because I was tempted to iron my Linen Cotton to get a neat, crisp look and I don’t really have time for that!” ~Anna


Wilet Linen Cotton Bedding


“I’m usually cold when I sleep, so I found Linen Cotton to be really cozy and a perfect temperature. Since my partner is in the hot sleeper camp, I could see us using Linen Cotton during colder months, or mixing the Linen Cotton Sheet Set with a Linen Duvet Set. We also both liked the clean look and smooth hand feel of Linen Cotton.” ~Vivian


“I’ve bought bedding in the past based on just aesthetic - used to love a good sateen and have tried bamboo. Linen Cotton looks great, very smooth, but note if you leave it crumpled in the dryer the wrinkles won’t relax the way that linen does on its own. I found the temperature regulation of Linen Cotton to be the same as 100% linen, so personally I could very easily mix and match sets.” ~Ishra


Decide for yourself! Shop both the Linen and Linen Cotton collections now.

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