The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 1 - Anna Heyd

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 1 - Anna Heyd

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It is no secret that the team at Flax Sleep loves nice things.  It is even less of a secret that we love staying home, nestled in the comfort of our favourite set of linen sheets.

The first home to be featured is founder Anna Heyd’s intimate East Vancouver garden apartment.  Anna has been in her space for over three years and it’s the first place she’s ever considered her very own home. 

Many of the details were crafted by Anna herself, pulling help and inspiration from friends and the internet (in fact, Anna wrote much of the post below from the comfort of a bench she had just finished building for her front porch). Take a peek inside….

Outdoor Indigo

Many weekends throughout the warmer months are spent turning my backyard into a hive of indigo activity.  This first project of the year was napkins for a beautiful beach wedding in Tofino at the beginning of May.

Indigo Dying

Plant Life

I do not have a green thumb.  I wish I did, but it is not the case.  These plants are the best I’ve got.  I am proud of the vessels they are in, many of which I have made myself and my attempt at succulent watercolour.


Baking Sourdough is my #1 kitchen obsession (I do have many others as well).  It is also special to me because it’s one of the things that brought me close to Oana and Viv (also avid bakers) and ultimately led to us creating Flax Sleep together.

fresh sourdough bread

Dining Room Art

Rather than investing in larger art pieces, or even framing for that matter, I have created the focal point in my dining area from sketches I have drawn, notes I have received and postcards I have picked up in my travels.  I mount them to the wall with vintage butterfly clips and change things out when I get bored.

dining room art

My Rituals & My Bathroom

Not pictured: my beautiful clawfoot tub and bathtub tray often serving as a dinner table.  My hair and skincare regime is important to me.  Most of my favourite products are pictured in these two shots. 

Everything Aesop always smells divine.  Woodlot's candles are the only ones I burn in my house (unless I’ve made them my self). I can’t get enough of Everyday Oil and will be eternally grateful for Tori Holmes of Nectar Juicery for turning me on to it.

Skoah and Harlow are my two very favourite skin care lines and I bounce back and forth between these female-founded, Vancouver centric, companies' incredible products.

Driftwood Closet

Storage space is limited in my apartment, and I own A LOT of clothes.  So I had to get creative. Skirts, long dresses and jumpsuits hang on two pieces of driftwood foraged from the Squamish River valley suspended from my ceiling.


And for the grand finale...

My linen bed, with a custom-made frame by the amazing folks at Hello Woodshop.  My California King frame features an old door I picked up years ago, and a bookshelf footboard (this, and four drawers under the bed maximize storage).  I sleep on an Endy Mattress which I love.  After getting this bed and mattress last summer, I searched all over for the perfect bedding to complete my favourite spot in my home.  I couldn’t find it.  Enter the creation of Flax Home.  Now I really do have the perfect sleep situation with my beautiful set of cloud sheets. 

Would you like to be featured in the next 'Corners of Our Homes' series? Send in your snaps complete with your storytelling sequence to


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  • This is all so beautiful and creative.💕
    I am so looking forward to my Flax sheets.

    Barb Heyd on
  • What a beautiful place!

    Claire on

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