The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 14 – Amanda Lee Smith

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 14 – Amanda Lee Smith

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Amanda Lee Smith lives to tell stories and her home is a reflection of this. Each corner of her Fairview apartment reads like a timeline of her family, her journey, and exactly what’s brought her to the present moment. A partner at Monday Creative and longtime pal of the Flax Sleep team, Amanda’s ‘sunshine modern’ home is the epitome of working-from-home goals. Settle in, grab a cup of tea, and keep reading to find out what makes this bright and cheery dwelling so special.

“My dining table is the hub of my home. Right now it’s also my office and my puzzle table, but usually it’s the place where we all gather for book club or dinners and a good catchup.

I inherited this dining set from my uncle’s parents who brought it from Denmark in the ’60s. A couple years ago while camping near Pendleton, WA, I bought this fabric and finally recovered all six chairs. I love that it gives a North American edge to a Danish classic. 

All but one of the pieces on my wall were created by someone I know. My absolute favourite is the slightly judgemental old lady who gazes down at me while I waste time on another puzzle.


I start my day in this little nook, prepping whatever bag of beans I’ve brought back from my latest travels (currently working through a fruity roast from Chapparal Coffee in Lockhart, TX). It’s extra special because the Melitta pour-over and the tin canisters lived in my grandmother’s kitchen as long as I can remember and they always make me think of her. 


This painting by Jeremy Crowle (called “Flickr, Google and Facebook” which gives you an idea of the era when it was painted) is the one thing I bought before moving into this apartment. Nine years later I still love the impression it makes on everyone who walks into the space or sees it in the background of video calls. 


Postcards from places I’ve lived, a merit patch from a rainy backcountry adventure to Lake Lovely Water, the parking receipt from the day I met my newborn nephew at the hospital, and a prop from one of the first big campaigns I did while working at Kit and Ace—they all give me good feelings when I sit down at my desk. 


When it comes to books, I’m a maximalist. These have followed me from my first basement suite in Langley, BC, to North East Scotland, Oxford, Toronto, Seattle and Portland, and they’re what makes every place I’ve lived feel like my home. 


My parents commissioned this painting from a portrait artist named Antonia Lanik Gabanek when I was seven. Sitting for it was the first time I’d been in a city walkup much like the one I live in now, and it solidified every intention I had of moving out of the suburbs as soon as I could. Thirty years later while camping with a girlfriend, I made the incredible discovery that Antonia had been her grandmother. We both cried a little (Antonia had only recently passed away) and immediately called my mom to get the story of how she met Antonia and her husband—another artist who had painted my mom. 


These vintage photos of my dad always make me smile. As does this little fountain cherub I shot with his old Canon AE-1 on my 20th birthday in a village outside Frankfurt while traveling with my first love (a musician from Brazil, obviously). 

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but everything I do wear comes from GLDN, except a little evil eye pendant a friend brought back from Greece.  

I inherited my bed from my best friend when she moved home to Australia and it is a dream. I sleep so well. My apartment faces northwest so I get perfect golden hour light in the evening, but in the morning, light reflects off a nearby tower—so I get both sunrise and sunset. My Blush and Marigold Flax set just add another dose of sunshine to this room. 

I bought the Kozyndan prints above my bed at a show in Newcastle—they reference classic ukiyo-e woodblock prints, but if you look up close, the leaves and white caps are actually little falling bunny rabbits."


Would you like the corners of your home to be featured in our Journal?  Please reach out - we'd love to hear from you!

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