The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 18 - Jackie Kai Ellis

The Corners of Our Homes Vol. 18 - Jackie Kai Ellis

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It's no secret that we're pretty smitten with Jackie Kai Ellis (we did team up to create an entire collection of linen kitchen and dining essentials in 2020, after all). Take a peek into this pastry chef, author, designer, and entrepreneur's Vancouver home and the corners that make it special.


"My Vancouver home has been a long time in the making. My fiancé and I renovated about 5 years ago, and since then, we had broken up and then got re-engaged, so that now the space has come full circle and is slowly evolving and becoming our home again. Here are the corners that make it feel so much like home to me.

Spaces for curling up and reading - baskets of blankets, cozy sheepskins, sunny windows, reading lamps strewn about.

Coffee table - I love this Paolo Piva table, which houses books and becomes an intimate place to entertain and have wine with friends.

Books, books, books - this is so much of what I love about my fiancé, and therefore the space. He loves books and comes home almost every day with a new one. They are stacked everywhere and, to me, there are few things more beautiful and comforting than a stack of books.

Clovers - I have 4 of these clovers hidden all over the apartment. They were picked and pressed by my dad and I love that luck is hidden in our home.

Ceilings - the space originally had old popcorn ceilings and when we scraped it back, we found this concrete ceiling with the spray paint patina. It’s like artwork.

Artwork by Anne Griffiths - I purchased this piece in the middle of the pandemic, needing some inspiration at home. When I loved back into this home, I realized that I had unknowingly picked the perfect painting for this home. The colours are picked up in the ceiling and carpet we had bought together on a trip to Santa Fe. It was meant to be here…or my aesthetic is VERY consistent. I prefer the former.

Dining room/library/office - spaces can be well-used, functional and beautiful. For apartment living, it needs to be all. I love working at the dining room table and it feels like the perfect backdrop to be surrounded books, always. The cabinetry is custom made and houses my fiancé’s many records, CDs, books, office files and miscellaneous storage items. Oh, I forgot. My favourite thing is that there are sliding glass panels so that the space can be made private for meetings if needed.

Knitting spot - I sit on the ground, listen to podcasts or watch knitting Youtubers I love (sit and knit for a bit with Arne and Carlos, especially) and it is my favourite place to relax in the entire home.

Wilet bedding - of course… ;)"

Check out more of Jackie's space over on her Instagram feed . Would you like the corners of your home to be featured in our Journal?  Please reach out - we'd love to hear from you!

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