Kyla Ray of Kyla Ray Creative and We the Nomads: #WCW

Kyla Ray of Kyla Ray Creative and We the Nomads: #WCW

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The team at Flax Home has a passionate commitment to supporting other womxn entrepreneurs.  Being part of a community of people who are doing amazing things is one of the best parts of entrepreneurship.  This ongoing Journal series will feature the womxn we admire who are kicking ass and taking names across the country.

Kyla Ray is a Vancouver based designer who has a diverse collection of residential work that makes us swoon and a portfolio of work as a creative director and stylist that inspires.  We are thrilled to be getting to know more about her latest project We the Nomads in this edition of #WCW.


Tell us briefly what it is your business does.

Kyla Ray Creative is a Vancouver based Interior Design firm that assists homeowners and brands tells their stories through visuals and spaces. I am interested in what makes my clients unique and how that is reflected throughout their space. I then set out to connect the best team for the build right down to the final handover. In the coming months I am launching a new company "We the Nomads" and I am excited to see how KRC evolves during this transition. 

My new venture We the Nomads is an interior, lifestyle and brand design studio for boutique hotels, vacation properties, pied-à-terres, and other short term properties. For large-scale projects we will have a more hands-on approach that will involve designing, project management and marketing collateral, for those who require. We will also be introducing a service for vacation property owners that understand the opportunity to create a refined experience and elevate their guests stay, but have smaller properties and can take on a more hands on approach. These offerings will include marketing resources and pre-curated furniture packages with plans to expand these services as the company develops.

What inspired you to make this happen?

I am an avid traveler that has both worked in the hospitality and design industry. I have a strong belief that when you are temporarily staying in a space that it does not mean that it cannot feel homey. Short term properties should evoke a sense of home and familiarity, no matter how far away they are. A feeling of being comfortable in a temporary space is important to provide a curated and elevated refuge for people when they travel to new places. My unique experiences have provided me a perspective into this nomadic lifestyle and I want to empower short term property owns to create a place of refuge and re-energization.

Kyla Ray Creative

What keeps you inspired to keep doing this?

I am inspired by connection. Not only to the collaborative team and client, but to the properties and the objects within them.  The opportunity to connect people to the spaces they live or stay and create spaces that encourage self-discovery with thoughtful, curated pieces that are well-intentioned and purposefully designed are everything to me.

What's your biggest learning in 2019?

My biggest learning in 2019 is that I have always been way stronger than I have given myself credit for. I have grown leaps and bounds in the last few years, but the biggest push was this year. This was because I kept my ears open and not only listened, but implemented. I read the books, did the things, started to believe in my power and things started to shift.

Who is your biggest #WCW right now?

My biggest #WCW has to be Kelly from Rowan Consulting. This girl keeps me in check, is inspirational with her spiritual outlook and has mad organizational skills.


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